In regard to private sector development, GSI also provides business-focused solutions to help entrepreneurs in Uganda and other African countries work their way out of poverty with a focus on youth and woman-led enterprises. Our business development services are designed to help SMEs to increase both profitability and productivity and access high value markets so that they can realize their potential to help poor people work their way out of poverty, grow local economies and create jobs.

GSI provides BDS services that add value by improving enterprise-level profitability and productivity while demonstrating the value of these services to prospective clients on either a full or partial fee basis. GSI has assembled a team of professionals’ capable of providing consultancy services to a wide range of organisations. GSI supports SMEs in improved management practices, new investment and expansion, introduction of new products and services and improvement of business productivity and profitability. Specifically, GSI works to increase opportunities for trade, employment, and investment by improving private sector productivity by providing a wide range of business development services (BDS) to encourage the establishment and growth of SMEs such as market research, business management, organisational development, marketing, financial management, customer service, accounting, cash follow and business plan development and human resources management. For detailed technical approach and methodology, refer to GSI’s SMEs concept and training modules/packages.


GSI aim is also to advise key stakeholders in the public and private sectors on how to promote both the economic and social development of a region through tourism by enhancing the competitiveness of private enterprises, strengthening institutions and local communities and developing and implementing strategies for social integration and cooperation. We assist clients in all aspects of development projects from project identification, preliminary studies and detailed implementation to monitoring and evaluation, customer and institutional support and training activities. 


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